SPWC 13th Annual Wildlife Baby Shower Results are in!!

We were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day for the 13th Annual Wildlife Baby Shower. This brought  approximately 1000 guests to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, and raised approximately $20 000 which will not only help cover the costs of raising thousands of wildlife orphans, but will also help with the barn rebuild which will commence in late May or when the ground finally dries up.

We have attached our list of thank you’s below, but also want to send a huge thank you out to the two volunteers that work very hard from January until after the event to make it the success it is. Marsha Donald and Janet Drew, this event would not be possible if not for your passion, we all thank you for your hard work and perseverance in making this event a huge success!

Thank you to all of our media supporters that help get the word out to our community and continually support our efforts at SPWC!