An Important Message Re: Covid 19

An Important Message from your SPWC Team Regarding Covid 19:

Dear Supporters,

We couldn’t do what we do without your constant support.

In this very stressful time we have made the decision to control the flow of people coming to the Centre.


If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal please call us immediately at 613-354-0264 to get further advice.

We are taking measures to protect our staff, volunteers and remaining intern. Without our amazing team we couldn’t provide Eastern Ontario’s wildlife with the exemplary care we aim to give them.

Until further notice:

1. Please do not drop by unless you have talked to our staff over the phone, our number is 613-354-0264. We will attempt to stagger the arrival of patients to maximize social distancing, for your protection as well as our team.

2. We currently do not need freezer meat, thanks to your generosity our freezers are full. Hold onto the meat if you can, if not we will just have to miss out for now. We especially appreciate game meat, fish, chicken and beef.

3. We are not currently in the need of any medical donations, we are fortunate to have been amply supplied by local agencies, veterinary hospitals, nurses, and PSW’s. For now please hold onto those supplies if you can store them until COVID is under control.

4. Many of our volunteer drivers that transport wildlife to the Centre are seniors, or immune compromised. They will likely opt to not drive for the time being. We respect their decision to take a break until this passes over. This may make it harder for us to assist in finding a ride for wildlife to the Centre.

What we really need now is financial donations to help us purchase supplies as needed.

You can donate online at

In all reality our largest fundraiser of the year “The Baby Shower” will have to be cancelled. This will have a major impact on our funds, but keep an eye out for our 1st ever virtual “Baby Shower”.

Thank you for understanding our need to take measures to protect our team!

Any questions, just call 613-354-0264.

Stay safe and continue to help #flattenthecurve #plankthecurve #COVID19