Check Out Our Latest 50/50 Raffle!!!

The focus for our 50/50 raffle will be a critical upgrade to our current x-ray unit. The scanner for our digital x-ray unit has been unreliable for awhile.   Which means we can take a perfect x-ray, but sadly it doesn’t turn out. This makes the process of x-raying a patient take too long, which is extra stress for the patient, and less efficiency for our workload.
The new system will not only eliminate that due to the malfunction, but also it eliminates that part of the process all together. The image goes from our x-ray table right to our computer with less components to break down. This will greatly reduce handling time for the wild patient and make it more efficient for us to quickly run an x-ray for a critically injured patient.
We have been fortunate that the company has offered us a $10,000 discount because of our charitable work, but we still need to raise $40,000.
Please stay tuned next week on our social media pages when we will be sharing videos created by our amazing outreach coordinator Jess to help our supporters have a better understanding of the many ways we help wildlife using x-ray as a part of the diagnostic tools.
In the meantime, get yourself some tickets for what we hope will be our most successful 50/50 raffle to date!!!