This Week at Sandy Pines

February 14th, 2019

Art and Jewellery Sale Results

Our 14th Annual Art and Jewellery Sale raised $6800!!

Sending a big thank you to all who have donated art and jewellery, to all that came out to support the Fundraiser, and most importantly to our volunteers that work so diligently preparing the jewellery, the art, the store. Volunteers work all year long on this event. 

A great big thank you to you all!! Adrienne and Joan you are both amazing, Thank you!!!



New Admissions

Mourning Dove, hit by a vehicle.


Eastern Screech Owl, hit by a vehicle.


Hairy Woodpecker, window strike.


Barred Owl, hit by a vehicle.


One of two Red Tailed Hawks transferred from Shades of Hope. Transferred to gain some flight conditioning in our aviaries before release.


Blue Spotted Salamander found in a basement out of hibernation.


4 Southern Flying Squirrels, nuisance removal from an attic.


Updates on Current Patients


The Merlin that came in with a wing fracture several weeks ago, was moved to an outdoor aviary this week. He will gain flight strength before release.


The Mute Swan that was rescued last week continues to gain strength. She is loving her pool time, eating and gaining weight and now walking.


One of our Gray Tree Frogs overwintering with us.


The Coyote that was admitted last week after being hit by a vehicle is now outdoors and self feeding. He did suffer from a broken toe; can you spot the fracture on the x-ray? Seen here sedated for x-rays.



House Finch
Barred Owl
Rock Doves
And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
Linda and Julia





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