This Week at Sandy Pines

March 7, 2019

Tickets will also be sold at the Spring Break Bazaar 11a-4p on March 9th at the Strathcona Centre in Napanee as well as the evening event,The Rawk Show and Midnight Market.


The Raffle for Wildlife is now ON !
We have 3 great prizes this year and the draw will be held May 12th at the Sandy PInes Baby Shower.

You don’t have to be on the grounds for the draw – the winners will be contacted. So please ensure your name and contact info is on the ticket stub and Thank You !! for your support to help orphaned and injured wild animals.

Tickets are available at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre.
Other locations/events will be posted on both Sandy Pines Facebook pages.

Into the Wild Fundraiser

A little event teaser… coming to Kingston at the end of March!
You won’t want to miss this event, run by the Vet. Assistant students of St. Lawrence College! 

Dr. Brent Patterson from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry will be discussing the Eastern Coyote. Learn the facts about the Eastern Coyote and help support our wildlife, while also supporting some hardworking college students that are putting together a fabulous event! 

New Admissions

Big Brown Bat found out of hibernation.

Eastern Cottontail, with head trauma.

Raccoon with a head injury.

Eastern Milksnake found out of hibernation in a basement. Suffering from an infection.

Mallard, hit by a vehicle.

Muskrat with a tail injury, transferred from Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary for care until Spring.

Porcupine. Walked into a vet clinic looking for help! This little one is thin and is also suffering from mange.

Big Brown Bat disturbed from hibernation while renovations were being done.

Blue Spotted Salamander, found out of hibernation.

Dark Eyed Junco with a foot injury after being caught in a suet feeder.

Mute Swan with a leg and wing injury, found stuck in the ice.

Saw-Whet Owl with a wing injury, suspected hit by a vehicle.

Mute Swan, juvenile. Suffering from an infection, beak injury and emaciation.

Updates on Current Patients

Spring is in the air, and we are getting excited to face another ‘baby’ season!
Check out one of nine baby snakes our over wintering DeKay’s Brown Snake had! They are adorable! Mom is doing well, as are her 9 babes, all will be released when the weather gets warm enough!

Released Or Ready For Release
The Horned Grebe that came into care last week was released! Seen here on his way out, eager to get back out on the water!

This stunning Northern Cardinal hit a window, luckily for him it was a quick turn around and after a day of rest he was released!

The Red Tailed Hawks that came into care from Shades of Hope a few weeks ago for flight conditioning are ready to be released!
And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
Linda and Julia
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