This Week at Sandy Pines

April 25, 2019

Tickets will also be sold at the Spring Break Bazaar 11a-4p on March 9th at the Strathcona Centre in Napanee as well as the evening event,The Rawk Show and Midnight Market.


The Raffle for Wildlife is now ON !
We have 3 great prizes this year and the draw will be held May 12th at the Sandy PInes Baby Shower.

You don’t have to be on the grounds for the draw – the winners will be contacted. So please ensure your name and contact info is on the ticket stub and Thank You !! for your support to help orphaned and injured wild animals.

Tickets are available at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre.
Other locations/events will be posted on both Sandy Pines Facebook pages.

New Admissions

Eastern Grey Squirrel attacked by a dog.

Fox Kit, orphaned after she and Mom were hit by a vehicle.

Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned.

Snow Shoe Hare, orphaned.

Eastern Grey Squirrel, orphaned.

Deer Mouse, orphaned.

Raccoon kits, orphaned.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, suspected window strike.

Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned. Seen here enjoying some walnuts and rodent chow between formula feeds!

Big Brown Bat found out of hibernation.
Our Bats enjoy hanging out on and inside “bat pouches.” The pouches provide them with a cozy place to hide, and hang comfortably.
We recently had some fabric donated and one of our talented volunteers Susan, made us some new pouches to accommodate our growing bat numbers. The fabric couldn’t have been more perfect!
Thank you Susan for using your talents to help our wild ones be more comfortable during their stay with us! We really appreciate it!
Rock Dove juvenile, emaciated.

Eastern Garter Snake attacked by a cat.

Eastern Cottontails, orphaned after Mom was killed on the road.

Raccoon kit, orphaned.

Eastern Cottontails attacked by a dog.


Updates on Current Patients

Can you spot the owl? Two of our Northern Saw Whet owls in care recently moved outside to an aviary to gain flight strength.
Released Or Ready For Release
Northern Saw Whet Owl
Rock Dove
And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
Linda and Julia
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