This Week at Sandy Pines


 September 8th, 2018


Kawartha Credit Union Barbeque

A big thank you goes out to the team at Kawartha Credit Union especially Cindy, Laura, and Leona who organized the BBQ fundraiser for SPWC on Aug 31st.

They raised over $500 plus donated supplies!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to help and enjoy the hot dogs with Leona’s relish!

Thank you to the sponsors who donated the food and beverages!

What a fantastic community we live in!     Thank You!!


New Song Bird Cages

Thanks to Greg Moore for building this new cage for us
It’s almost full already!


Bird Houses Installed

Thanks to Colin, Bob, and Dave for installing some birdhouses from the Birdhouse Auction fundraiser in April. Nice job everyone!


La-Z-Boy Donation

A very special thank you goes out to La-Z-Boy Kingston for their generous donation. One of our fabulous interns Alexis stopped by their store looking for leather scraps for an enrichment toy she was building for our raptor cage. They were so impressed with her that they dropped off a cheque! 
Thank you Alexis and La-Z-Boy!


Long-Eared Owl Update

Long Eared Owlets on admission.


Long Eared Owls perched in Gryphon before release.




For those who have been following our weekly updates; you may remember the Long Eared Owlets that came to us the beginning of May. Once stable they were transferred to the Owl Foundation for continued cared until release time.
This week they returned! They looked fantastic and were very ready to be free!

Thank you to everyone involved along the way, and John the finder for helping these beautiful birds!

They flew so quickly it was difficult to get a good photo, but they are also pictured here perched in the Gryphon before release.



New Admissions


Cedar Waxwings, orphaned.


American Toad with an injured arm.



One American toad can eat up to 1,000 insects every day.

The main predators to American toads are snakes. The Eastern Hognose snake relies primarily on toads for their diet. Other snakes, such as garter snakes, are immune from the poisons excreted by toads.

Toads drink by absorbing water through an area on their lower abdomen called a seat patch.


American Crow, suspected West Nile Virus.


Painted Turtle hit by a vehicle.


Ruffed Grouse, hit by a vehicle.


Eastern Cottontails found in a schoolyard.


Northern Flicker, hit by a vehicle.


Although it can climb up the trunks of trees and hammer on wood like other woodpeckers, the Northern Flicker prefers to find food on the ground. Ants are its main food, and the flicker digs in the dirt to find them. It uses its long barbed tongue to lap up the ants.
Northern Flickers generally nest in holes in trees like other woodpeckers. Occasionally, they’ve been found nesting in old, earthen burrows vacated by Belted Kingfishers or Bank Swallows.
Like most woodpeckers, Northern Flickers drum on objects as a form of communication and territory defense. In such cases, the object is to make as loud a noise as possible, and that’s why woodpeckers sometimes drum on metal objects.

Black Poll Warbler, window strike.


Cedar Waxwings, orphaned.


Eastern Cottontail, hit by a vehicle.


Painted Turtle, hit by a vehicle.


Ring Billed Gull entangled in razor wire.


American Crow, suspected West Nile Virus.



Released or Ready to be Released
Turkey Vulture
Rock Doves
Snapping Turtles
Painted Turtles
Eastern Cottontails
Striped Skunks

And that’s it for another busy week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
Linda and Julia

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