Education Outreach Program

Every year, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre treats more than 4,500 patients coming in from Kingston, Napanee, Belleville, and the surrounding communities in southeastern Ontario. Almost half of these patients are admitted due to human activity, including habitat disturbance, vehicle collisions, fishing tackle injuries, and more.

Our education program aims to raise awareness of our impact on wildlife and teach participants how to offer empathy and compassion toward our natural neighbours. Together, we will transform our relationships with wildlife as we learn who lives among us and just how special they are. Book a presentation with us and help spread the love for wildlife!


Each lesson in our “Home Learning” series invites children to share their experiences, meet wild animals near their home, and practice being kind to all wildlife. Here are a few tips to best engage with our lessons:

  • Please supervise your young learners during the ‘Outdoor Exploration’ part of the lessons.
  • If children are unable to go outside for the ‘Outdoor Exploration’ component, invite them to look out a window to complete the activity as best they can or wait until they are able to go outside with supervision.
  • When children are invited to speak “out loud” in a lesson, encourage them to speak in any language they wish.
  • Before printing these lesson plans and workbooks, consider ways of reducing paper use to better care for our environment. For example, double-sided printing, printing on scrap paper, or keeping the resources digital!

Kindergarten Lessons

Click to download our Kindergarten ‘Home Learning’ Lesson Plans

Click to download our Kindergarten ‘Home Learning’ Workbook

Grade 1-3 Lessons

Click to download our Grade 1-3 ‘Home Learning’ Lesson Plans

Click to download our Grade 1-3 ‘Home Learning’ Workbook


Presentation Topics:

 1. Spring at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

Students will learn about the baby animals in our care this spring and how to show kindness to wildlife in our community. Suitable for Grade 1-8 students or ages 6+.

2.  Habitat at Home

Students will investigate the habitats around their home and find out who lives in their neighbourhood. Suitable for Grade 4 students or ages 8-9.

Presentation Length: 30-45 minutes

Fees: Free! Families or groups are welcome to give a cash donation or offer items from our wishlist to support wildlife patient care.

Group Size: 100 participants, maximum

Presentation Platform: Zoom. Click Click Here to download the free Zoom Client for Meetings app.

Who We Teach: Our content is ideal for children ages 6-13. If you are interested in a presentation for adults, Click Here.

What to Expect: An introduction to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, an interactive slideshow, patient videos, and activities that get children out of their seats! Each presentation is designed to teach empathy and compassion toward wildlife in our community.

Facilitator: Jess Pelow (Education Coordinator)

How to Book: Click Here to see our available time slots or email to connect with our Education Coordinator.


Off-site presentations are currently unavailable. See above for our virtual offerings.

Presentation Length: 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Fees: Free! Groups are welcome to give a cash donation or offer items from our wishlist to support wildlife patient care.

Group Size: 30 participants, maximum

Where We Teach: Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre staff come to you! We travel from Brockville to Port Hope, and North to Highway 7.

Who We Teach: We adapt our programs to suit all ages. Our content is ideal for school groups, summer camps, and after-school programs. If you are interested in a presentation for adults, click here.

What to Expect: We’ve designed curriculum-linked lessons that feature an introduction to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, active games and activities on building empathy and compassion, and outdoor exploration time*.

*Outdoor exploration is weather dependent and site dependent. Learn more about this option when you book a date.

How to Book: Email to connect with our Education Coordinator.


“The Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre virtual presentation, put on by Jess Pelow, for our group of students from grades one to three was fantastic. Jess has wonderful rapport with the students. She engaged them with excellent information which connected to our curriculum goals, quick video clips which showcased the care that happens at Sandy Pines and a number of activities that had them up and moving and also slowing down to inspire mindful empathy. She was organized, easygoing and fun. The Sandy Pines Learning Activities document is also a wonderfully written and engaging educational resource. This virtual field trip was a highlight of our entire school year.” – Sharon Isbell, Grade 1 Teacher, Limestone District School Board

“Janet, you were AWESOME!!! Kids/staff all spoke of their interest in your presentation. THANKS!!!!” – Teacher, Limestone District School Board

“Thank you so much for the presentation today! I love how you made your presentation interactive and included video and audio clips. The kids had a blast and talked about animals all afternoon 🙂 Thanks again!” – Teacher


Jess Pelow (Education Coordinator). Jess is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over a decade of experience teaching outdoor and environmental education. She has a Masters in Environmental Studies and previously worked as an educator at the High Park Nature Centre, Evergreen Brick Works, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, and the Toronto District School Board.

Janet Fenton (Education Facilitator). Janet is a certified interpreter guide through the National Association of Interpretation and a graduate from Sir Sandford Fleming College (Ecosystem Management Technician / Fish and Wildlife Technologist). Janet has over 10 years of interpreter experience and over 5 years working as the outreach facilitator for Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, in addition to work experience at Ontario Parks and the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority.

Email to book a free presentation.