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Click Here for available time slots in the 2021-2022 school year and for booking instructions.

Times: Presentations are approximately 1-hour in length. Presentation start times are between 9 AM and 2:30 PM.

Fee: We encourage a $3 – $5 donation per participant or a minimum donation of $25 per class.

Families or schools can donate online here.  We invite you to include your school name in the message box.

Presentation Platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

Presentation Topics:

1. Change for Wildlife (recommended for Kindergarten to Grade 3)

Learn about the seasonal changes for animals at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre and what actions students can take to care for wildlife each season.

2. At-Home with Wildlife (recommended for Grade 4-5)

Explore what wildlife need to thrive in our shared habitat and practice building a habitat for various patients at Sandy Pines.

3. Wildlife-at-Risk (recommended for Grade 6-8):

Learn about species-at-risk in Ontario through a series of mindfulness-based activities.

4. Working with Wildlife (recommended for Grade 7-12)

Experience a day-in-the-life of our dedicated staff as students go on a virtual tour of our facility.

Note: If you are interested in a presentation for adults, click here.


In-person presentations are currently unavailable. See above for our virtual offerings.


Jess Pelow (Education Coordinator). Jess is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over a decade of experience teaching outdoor and environmental education. She has a Masters in Environmental Studies and previously worked as an educator at the High Park Nature Centre, Evergreen Brick Works, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, and the Toronto District School Board.

Janet Fenton (Wildlife Educator). Janet is a certified interpreter guide through the National Association of Interpretation and a graduate from Sir Sandford Fleming College (Ecosystem Management Technician / Fish and Wildlife Technologist). Janet has over 10 years of interpreter experience and over 5 years working as the outreach facilitator for Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, in addition to work experience at Ontario Parks and the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority.


“My Kindergarten class took part in a presentation offered by Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre. It was informative, engaging, and most of all FUN for the students. They had so many questions before during and after the presentation. I have a feeling this might turn into a classroom inquiry! Thank you Sandy Pines for helping educate our students about the animals you care for and how to help animals in our local area.” -Kindergarten Teacher

“The presentation was excellent. I like the combination of scientific and social knowledge, and the honouring of Indigenous people and their relationship with this land and the animals who live here. I loved the empathy activity.” -Grade 2/3 Teacher

“Learning about wildlife in our community from someone with real-world experience was fantastic! My students loved seeing videos of the animals and learned a lot about the characteristics of habitats where animals thrive.” -Grade 3/4 Teacher

“Thank you so much for this presentation. It was a nice way for the class to have a virtual wildlife experience. We learned so much and you have sparked interest in career opportunities too. Keep up the great work!” -Grade 7/8 Teacher


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