Education Outreach Program


In recent years, issues like urban sprawl, motor vehicle collisions with animals, hunting, and habitat damage have caused more and more animals to be admitted to SPWC.

In response to this, we have an elementary and secondary school education program that allows the next generation of youth to learn about local Ontario wildlife, and how to support and nurture our natural areas for the future.

The topics addressed will be animal welfare, stewardship, and habitat sustainability. Our sessions create awareness of the many ways human activity impacts wildlife and teaches youth how to make positive, practical changes to support our wild neighbours.

Why is this type of education so important?

The benefits of wildlife education are enormous in developing young Canadians’ interest in learning about their natural world, how their actions affect the sustainability of life to our local natural areas, and how they can become responsible citizens of the Earth. Without the interest and passion of the next generation, ultimately we cannot hope to save the local natural world around us, which has vast consequences for our own quality of life.

What’s involved?

Interactive and age-specific programs are delivered directly to the classroom and other groups (such as Scouts, Guides, and after school programs) for grades 1 through to 12 (ages 6 to 17). A typical session is 30 minutes to one hour long, involving exciting activities that can be customized to a specific group. All topics covered in a session are tied to the Ontario school curriculum. We’ve also created brightly coloured handouts to use as follow-ups, for projects, quizzes, or more learning. Our facilitator is a qualified educator who currently works at the Cataraqui Conservation Area, and will bring her special knowledge and experience to the program.

We have been in contact with local teachers, school boards, community members, and the Teacher’s College at Queen’s University. No comparable program exists in this region and it has been well-received so far.

Sample activity

Sample Handout

Teacher Feedback

“Janet, you were AWESOME!!!Kids/staff all spoke of their interest in your presentation. THANKS!!!!”

-LDSB teacher

 “Thank you so much for the presentation today!  I love how you made your presentation interactive and included video and audio clips. The kids had a blast and talked about animals all afternoon:)  Thanks again!”

-Lisa [Ontario teacher]

What will it cost?

The program is offered free of charge to schools and other youth community organizations in the Limestone District School Board, a region which includes 45 schools in the areas of Greater Kingston, Napanee, Amherst and Wolfe Islands, and Central and South Frontenac. We recognize the financial pressures placed on education resources and we expect teachers will be receptive in having free access to quality presentations that capture the attention of and expand the horizons of their students. It is hoped that by the time youth graduate, they will have had a presentation each year.

Let’s get started!

To sign up for a free youth education session, contact us today!

Please specify:

  • What type of activity or topic
  • Age group
  • Location or school
  • Anything else you would like incorporated

We will do our best to customize each session.